Media Release

The Australian Christian Lobby said the Greens have shown an inconsistent approach to supposed ‘marriage equality’ by rejecting polygamous and polyamorous love.

Managing Director Jim Wallace said whilst the ACL was opposed to changing the definition of marriage from between a man and a woman, the Greens contradiction in ‘marriage equality’ has been exposed.

“The Greens have consistently argued a campaign for same-sex marriage on the basis of ‘love is love’. However, that has not extended to polyamorist and polygamist marriage which also calls for recognition of its love,” he said.

Mr Wallace said at the recent hearing into senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s Marriage Equality Bill in Sydney and Melbourne, same-sex marriage activists were trying to avoid answering the inevitable question of how to stop short of legalising other forms of marriage if you legislate same-sex marriage.

“But now the truth has been exposed given the outcry on senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s Facebook page from participates in ménages-a-trois and other plural relationships who are disappointed with the senator’s comments saying she doesn’t support polyamorist and polygamist marriages,” he said.

“It would seem they expected their relationships to be embraced under the banner of ‘marriage equality’ which is consistent and logical conclusion if you believe all love is equal.

“Hopefully Australians and parliament will realise the deep hypocrisy of the Greens agenda for same-sex marriage is not a trivial issue we can afford to consider in isolation,” said Mr Wallace.

He said the issue highlights that the Marriage Act is more than just love, as important as love is.

“Marriage – and more specifically the Marriage Act – has a public purpose to protect marriage as a binding exclusive relationship between a man and a woman and to ensure we continue to aspire to children being raised by their biological parents wherever possible,” he said.