Wednesday 14th August 2013

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging the Labor Party to be on a unity ticket with the Coalition in not giving preferences to the Greens.

ACL’s Managing Director Lyle Shelton welcomed Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s announcement to preference Greens candidates last in the lower house and urged Labor to do likewise – particularly in the senate.

“Labor has a choice to woo back the Christian constituency which helped elect Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2007 or choose the Greens which have significantly damaged Labor’s primary vote and brand,” he said.

“Labor's association with the Greens' social agenda during minority government had damaged its standing with many mainstream voters.

“Labor has many Senate candidates who are attractive to Christian voters but a preference deal with the Greens would be a turn-off.

"If Labor preferences help the Greens, particularly in the Senate, it will be difficult for many Christians to support the many ALP Senate candidates who are attractive to Christian voters.

"Greens' influence in Parliament and pursuit of fringe agendas has distracted politics from important issues facing the nation," he said.