For release: Sunday, 12th August, 2012

The Federal Government must intervene to stop Australia’s marriage laws from becoming a ‘hodge podge’ according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

The call follows announcements by the South Australian and ACT Governments to introduce homosexual marriage or marriage-mimicking laws.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said Prime Minister Julia Gillard went to the 2010 election promising to up-hold marriage between a man and a woman.

“Gay activists and Green politicians are now leading Labor States like Tasmania and South Australia by the nose towards homosexual ‘marriage’,” Mr Wallace said.

“Integrity does matter in politics and Federal Labor could choose to equal the Coalition’s integrity on marriage by intervening to stop South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT from legislating a new definition of marriage.

“The Coalition’s resolve to keep its election promise is to be applauded, despite the Greens and activists wanting it broken.

“The Government needs to act swiftly before Australia ends up with different marriage laws between States and the Commonwealth.

“The Attorney General must defend marriage against attempts by States and Territories to redefine it, even if it means going to the High Court,” Mr Wallace said.

“The Government also must signal that it will use the powers of the Parliament to overturn any marriage-mimicking law passed in the coming week by the Greens and Labor in the ACT.”