Media Release

For release: September 20, 2011

The Tasmanian Greens’ latest move to undermine marriage shows the party is bent on redefining an institution that is vital for kids, ACL’s Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said.

“It is sad to see the Labor so eager to jump on this bandwagon when only last month it was clearly demonstrated in Federal Parliament, through MPs responses to Adam Bandt’s motion, that the majority of Australians, and Tasmanians for that matter, do not support changes to the definition of marriage,” Mr Brown said.

“Discrimination against same-sex couples has rightly been removed but that doesn’t mean marriage should be redefined.

“If marriage is about equal love, why not redefine marriage to include three or more people?

“Kids do best when raised by their biological mother and father wherever possible. We all know that some kids are motherless or fatherless usually because of tragedy or desertion but the Parliament must resist the Greens’ attempts to use the law to deliberately deprive some kids of a mother or a father,” Mr Brown said.