Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby has renewed its concern about the consequences of same-sex marriage after a senior UK QC advised that teachers could possibly be sacked for refusing to endorse it in the classroom.

An expert on religious freedom and human rights, Aidan O’Neill also advised that parents would not be able to pull their children out of lessons if they object to them being taught about gay marriage.

“It is naïve for our government to think that religious freedom would not be challenged in Australia if the definition of marriage is changed,” ACL’s Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

Not only does Mr O’Neill mention the influence it would have on education systems, he also refers to the most serious consequence being felt within the church where vicars and priests could be taken to court if they refuse to conduct a gay marriage ceremony.

“The Government must bring this issue to a head through a vote in the Parliament next week,” Mr Wallace said.

“It is totally irresponsible for a government to create a legal vulnerability to people in the exercise of their fundamental human right of religious freedom and conscience.”