Media Release

For release: July 18, 2011


The Queensland LNP conference vote yesterday in support of marriage underscores the imperative that bi-partisan support for the institution is not fractured when the ALP National Conference in December considers a push by activists to redefine marriage.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace welcomed the LNP’s re-statement of existing Coalition policy supporting marriage.

“While some State Labor conferences, with the notable exceptions of the two biggest States of New South Wales and Victoria, have endorsed redefining marriage, it will be the ALP National Conference in December which decides for Labor what is a Federal issue.”

The LNP resolution passed yesterday stated:

That this Convention of the LNP affirms the fundamental right and deep emotional need of a child to have both a mother and a father, and notes that same-sex marriage makes it impossible for children to have both a mother and a father: therefore this Convention opposes the legislation of same-sex marriage.

While all eyes were now on Labor’s National Conference, Mr Wallace said regardless of the outcome here, there should be no change to marriage in the life of this Parliament.

“Both major Parties went to the 2010 election with election promises supporting marriage between a man and a woman and if either party were to deviate, this should be taken to the people at the next Federal election due in 2013,” Mr Wallace said.