Media Release

Monday, June 18th, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby today said the House Committee reporting on the two bills before it on same-sex marriage has rightly failed to prove a case for the redefining of marriage.

Analysis of the Report’s additional comments demonstrated that a clear majority of Committee members rejected the push for same-sex marriage: only two were in favour, with four opposed.

Contrary to the misleading claims of mainstream media organisations that the report recommended the legislation of same-sex marriage,[1] the report makes clear that “The Committee chose not to make a recommendation in this report.”[2]

ACL calls on those media organisations to amend their misleading media reports.

“This type of reporting demonstrates the inherent biases of the media in its reporting on this issue – an issue that should be treated with greater objectivity and integrity given its implications for society,” said ACL’s Managing Director Jim Wallace.

The Committee Report also confirmed that there is no substantive discrimination against homosexual couples.

“This just confirms that the retention of the definition of marriage is rightly a matter of biology and there is no discrimination that justifies it being changed,” said Mr Wallace.

Mr Wallace said that notwithstanding this outcome, he was disappointed that a parliamentary committee would use a polling method that gave the numbers no more credibility than a newspaper poll.