For release: Monday, September 3, 2012

MPs’ prostitution policy aims could be achieved through Nordic model


The Australian Christian Lobby today reiterated the importance of the Liberal Government honouring its election promise to investigate the Nordic Model of prostitution regulation.

The call comes as Liberal Member for Jandakot Joe Francis declared a ban on prostitution ‘unworkable’ and Member for Morley Ian Britza expressed his concern about the safety of women involved in prostitution, expressing a strong desire to “protect those girls.”

“That’s the beauty of the Nordic Model,” ACL’s spokesperson for Human Trafficking and Prostitution Michelle Pearse said.

“The outcomes Mr Francis and Mr Britza are seeking can be achieved through the Nordic policy and certainly won’t be achieved by following the failures of legal brothels in the eastern States.

“In Sweden the purchase of sex is banned and the women involved in prostitution, often the victims of sexual assault and rape, are encouraged to leave the industry, an industry that is intrinsically linked with danger, abuse and human trafficking in its legal and illegal forms.

“Before the last election, Premier Colin Barnett promised the Christian constituency the Nordic Model would be investigated. It is a model that has successfully limited the despicable practice of human trafficking in Sweden and seen a drop in women entering prostitution.

“We are yet to see that promise honoured,” Ms Pearse said.

ACL encourages all Christians to make their views known to their MPs but Ms Pearse emphasised the importance of engaging in the political process in a way that is respectful and honouring to all involved saying civility is the key to persuasive political engagement.


Countries that have adopted legislation similar to the Nordic Model –

  • Norway

  • Iceland

  • South Korea