For release: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby today echoed the calls of City of Vincent Mayor Alannah MacTiernan to tackle the issue of street prostitution and the ‘unpleasant environment’ it creates. Ms MacTiernan said parts of the City of Vincent were ‘hell on earth’ for residents, and that conditions were worsening.

ACL spokesperson for human trafficking and prostitution Michelle Pearse shares Ms MacTiernan’s and residents’ concerns about women being propositioned by ‘Johns’, men who use prostitutes.

“When we have women being objectified by Johns in the streets of our suburbs, it should be a real concern to all of us who live in Western Australia,” Ms Pearse said.

“We have been given a promise by the Barnett Government that this would be addressed by this parliament, but as yet, it has not been.”

The Premier also promised an investigation into the Nordic Model of prostitution regulation, which we are yet to see.

“The Nordic Model prosecutes the John, thus seriously discouraging men from harassing women in the street; if asking a woman’s price is illegal, a woman can report any of that kind of behaviour.”

Ms Pearse expressed concern with the Mayor of the City of Vincent’s solution that there were plenty of brothels in the area and that they should be used instead of the prostitutes on the street.

“Ms MacTiernan is right in that street prostitution is something that is ‘hell on earth’, but to then say it should just be happening in brothels is disheartening,” Ms Pearse said.

“Brothels are a perfect place for vulnerable, trafficked women to be hidden and their abuse continued. There is solid proof that legal brothels only increase the demand for sex and therefore the number of prostitutes in this dangerous trade.”