For release: Thursday, 10th May, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby has rejected the announcement by President Obama of his support for homosexual marriage as the actions of a political leader duped by activist campaigning.

“Even the President of the United States cannot change biology and the reality of the importance of fatherhood and motherhood that marriage enshrines,” said ACL’s Managing Director Jim Wallace.

“There would have to be some substantive discrimination that you were addressing to do that, and certainly in Australia there is none, as was well proven at last week’s Senate public hearings.

“In the US only one per cent of couples are homosexual and it is estimated perhaps less than 15 per cent  of those would ever marry given historical take up rates in the very few countries where marriage has been redefined.

“That a political leader would be prepared to abandon such a large section of the population who hold marriage deeply even sacredly, to satisfy the ambit claims on it by activists reveals a poor sense of justice,” said Mr Wallace.

Testimony by legal experts to the Australian Senate hearing last week also gave no confidence that giving gay marriage wouldn’t open the door to demands for polygamy and polyamoury.

“It is ridiculous for the US President to think that redefining marriage as demanded by these activists will not make it impossible to reject calls for polygamy by the next wave, when those agendas are already being pushed in US courts,” said Mr Wallace.

“The vulnerability this would create to the core institution of society, the family, makes the US President’s statement irresponsible, and particularly when the inevitably of these claims could not be refuted in our own public Senate hearings only last week.”

Mr Wallace also rejected claims any significant Christian communities supported the redefinition of marriage.

“All mainstream denominations have made public statements rejecting any redefinition of marriage” he said.