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Media Release

For release: May 31, 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) says a grass-roots campaign has been successful in removing sexualised advertising at Brisbane bus shelters.

ACL’s Queensland State Director Wendy Francis has applauded the decision of Adshel, the provider of advertising at bus shelters, to remove condom advertisement targeting homosexual men.

The ads were part of a marketing campaign agency Queensland Association for Healthy Communities (QAHC), which receives state government funding.

“The ad featured two men in an act of foreplay with a large condom pictured in the left hand corner and the slogan ‘RIP&ROLL’ as well as the wording ‘A safe sex message from healthy communities’,” Mrs Francis said.

Ms Francis said it went against prevailing community standards to introduce sexuality to young children through forced exposure in public.

“A massive groundswell of people power has won the day when it comes to the bus shelters which have been pulled down over night,” she said.

However, Mrs Francis called for GOA Billboards to remove the same offending ads on billboards which remained on busy roads, such as a billboard on an intersection on Sandgate road.

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“Complaints have been lodged to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) and General Outdoor Advertising (GOA) billboards,” she said.

“We are disappointed with the response of GOA billboards in not removing the billboards. The company said it won’t remove the advertising unless directed by ASB.”

The ACL questioned the role and strategies of today’s marketing media and called upon governments to respect the right of children to be protected from inappropriate and sexualised billboard and outdoor advertising.

The ACL has participated in two inquiries into billboard advertising so far this year and hopes for some positive improvements in advertising standards.