Thursday 6 September 2012

The Prime Minister’s decision to withdraw from the Australian Christian Lobby’s national conference is based on inaccurate media reporting and misrepresentation by gay activists.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace said the decision would come as a deep disappointment to Australia’s Christian constituency.

“This is a victory for the relentless campaign of demonization against anyone who would challenge the gay activists’ agenda in the public square.”

Mr Wallace said at no stage did he say that “smoking is healthier than gay marriage”, as reported by some media.

“What I did say is that heterosexual sex and homosexual sex are different and have different health consequences. They should not be packaged the same way as marriage because, as just one of many reasons, they are different.

“If we warn against smoking because it carries health dangers, we should also be warning young people in particular about activity which clearly carries health risks,” Mr Wallace said.

“The experience in places like Massachusetts is that it is very difficult to have this conversation where the lifestyle is held to be the equal of marriage.”

Mr Wallace rejected the characterisation of himself and the ACL as heartless.

“This is a blow to free speech of which there will be even greater pressure if the definition of marriage is changed,” Mr Wallace said.

“It is disappointing that the Prime Minister has acted so hastily on the basis of misreporting and false information from gay activists.”