For release: Friday, February 17, 2012

The release today of the left leaning GetUp organisation’s top 10 issues for 2012 is silent on same-sex marriage despite the enormous amount of time and money the group spends on the issue.

According to a GetUp e-mail issued this afternoon, the list was compiled from a survey last week of “hundreds of thousands of Australians”.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace said this was further evidence politicians were being driven by a tiny minority of noisy fringe activists on an issue that not even the supporters of a far left activist group thought was important, let alone mainstream voters.

Despite the inordinate amount of time and members’ money GetUp spends on same-sex marriage campaigns, this was the second time the issue had not rated amongst the top ten issues their members were concerned about, following a similar result in 2009.

“With no less than three bills before Federal Parliament and the second Senate inquiry in two years into gay marriage now underway, surely it is time to question the extraordinary amount of Parliamentary time being spent on this issue,” Mr Wallace said.

“With same-sex marriage motions and bills this week in the New South Wales and South Australian Parliaments and the ACT Legislative Assembly, it is clear that the activists’ strategy is legislation by fatigue.”

According to GetUp, the top ten list are the issues its members wish it to campaign on in 2012.

“With GetUp’s grass roots telling it same-sex marriage doesn’t rate, hopefully we can all move on to more important issues such as poker machine reform, which did rate, and integrity in politics,” Mr Wallace said.