For release: Monday July 30, 2012

The process and claims accompanying the same sex activists’ petition to the Queensland Parliament on surrogacy have exposed the spin and selfishness at the heart of their agenda, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

“The same sex activists have conveniently failed to acknowledge that a concurrent parliamentary petition calling for the repeal of surrogacy for singles and same sex couples has twice the number of petitioners,” said ACL’s Queensland State Director Wendy Francis.

“That the gay and lesbian lobby can claim that the removal of their right to surrogacy discriminates against children is ludicrous and hypocritical.”

“Gay surrogacy creates the ultimate discrimination in always denying a child one of either its biological mother or father,” Ms Francis said.

“The breaking of the biological identity of a child is inherently wrong and would create the next “stolen generation” for which some future parliament would have to apologise.

“The Government has acted appropriately to defend the best interest of the child, in the face of an aggressive and selfish agenda,” she said.

The credibility of the electronic petitions to the Queensland Parliament put up by the gay lobby is very much in doubt after one petitioner pasted on her Facebook that she had signed one in support of gay civil partnerships three times and encouraged others to do it as many times as they could.

“This blatant case of falsifying the petition in defiance of the law, has been referred to the Parliament,” said Ms Francis. “But the sad truth is that such misrepresentation of the level of public support for homosexual agendas from marriage to surrogacy is characteristic of their campaigning.”