Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby said the announcement by the ACT Government of its Civil Unions legislation was not only a brazen admission of the sole motivation behind “Territory Rights” act, but also demonstrated clearly an ideological agenda at odds with mainstream Canberrans.

“This was never about ‘Territory Rights’ and allowing better governance for Canberra, rather it was about a narrow ideology being pushed in order to deconstruct the institution of marriage, and avoid the truth that all children deserve a mother and a father,” Managing Director Jim Wallace said today.

“When this Territories Bill was introduced at the start of the year in Federal Parliament by Labor at the behest of the Greens, the Australian people were assured by Labor Senator Nick Sherry it had nothing to do with marriage,” he said.

“Now we have Simon Corbell MLA brazenly admitting it was all about gay marriage and still putting it in the context of ending discrimination which simply doesn’t exist,” he said.

A recent FOI request by the Australian Christian Lobby showed that when the ACT Legislative Assembly consulted the community on this issue in 2004, a majority of people opposed civil unions, and only 31 per cent of the 425 submissions supported gay marriage.

“I think it is clear that on this issue, it does not matter what the community thinks, but it is rather about the personal agendas of members in the Assembly,” Mr Wallace said.

“What is the point in consultation if the majority community who holds that a marriage between a man and a woman is unique is simply ignored?” he said.