Friday, June 1st, 2012

News that two men in New South Wales have become the first couple in the state to be declared the parents of a baby born through surrogacy is a gross abuse of the rights of the child, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Managing Director Jim Wallace said few people realised the impact the Surrogacy Act would have on children’s biological identity when passed in 2010 and that birth certificates would be falsified to declare a child had no mother.

“Laws allowing singles, two men, or two women to acquire babies through surrogacy should be immediately repealed,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

“Evidence heard at recent senate inquiries and a parliamentary inquiry in Victoria into donor conception and surrogacy has shown it is harmful to children to be deliberately severed from their biological mother or father.”

Mr Wallace said politicians in NSW, Qld and Victoria have erred against the best interests of the child by allowing singles and homosexuals to create children through surrogacy.

“Tasmanian politicians are currently considering a similar error with a surrogacy bill before the Tasmanian Upper House,” Mr Wallace said.

“Assisted Reproductive Technology was developed to help couples overcome a medical difficulty, not as social engineering for those who are socially infertile.

“Babies should not be created to satisfy the lifestyle choices of singles and same-sex couples.

“Public policy should uphold the ideal that every child, wherever possible, should have the chance to at least begin life with its natural mother and father.

“While tragedy and desertion mean this is sometimes not possible, the state has no business in deliberately facilitating motherless or fatherless children. Instead it should be seeking always to re-establish as close as possible the natural environment for a child affected by tragedy.

“Love is not the issue here. Of course two men can love a child but they can never be a mother no matter how hard they try. The adoptive parents of many of the indigenous stolen generation also loved the children placed in their care but it was still a mistake to remove them from their biological parents.

“This selfish gay agenda knows no reasonable limits and it is time that political leaders began imposing limits on them to protect the most fundamental rights of children to a mother and a father,” Mr Wallace said.