Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) believes the latest attempt at legalising euthanasia in Tasmania is another indication of misaligned priorities.

“At a time when one would expect Labor to be distancing themselves from the Greens it appears Premier Lara Giddings has learned nothing from the last term of federal parliament where alignment with the Greens has damaged the Labor brand with mainstream voters,” said ACL Tasmanian Director Mark Brown.

Mr Brown said there seemed to be a correlation between the objectives of the Tasmanian Labor Government and the Greens’ national agenda.

“After the 2010 federal election, then Greens’ leader Bob Brown said his top two legislative priorities were to legalise same-sex marriage and euthanasia.

“It appears the Tasmanian Premier is following the Greens’ agenda when commentators suggest she clearly does not have the numbers to pass her joint euthanasia bill and in the case of same-sex marriage - reigniting a debate that was done and dusted last year and reconfirmed as a low-order issue with voters at the federal election,” he said.

“Those federal Labor MPs’ who recently lost their seats - some suggesting due in part to the animosity of Tasmanians to the Labor-Green State Government experiment - must be shaking their heads,” he said.

“Christian and other mainstream voters are looking for Labor to return to the sensible centre on social policy,” Mr Brown said.