Media release

Labor is increasingly being led by the Greens with the Tasmanian ALP conference voting against key election promises made by the Federal Party, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.


Votes to scrap chaplains and introduce gay marriage at the Tasmanian ALP conference this weekend show that Labor is prepared to put the Greens’ policy agenda ahead of its own election promises


“Both the Prime Minister and the Federal Labor Party gave unequivocal election promises to continue the popular chaplaincy program and to ensure that the Marriage Act was protected,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said.


“It is a measure of the Greens power over Labor, particularly in a State like Tasmania where the Greens are in a coalition government with Labor, that a Labor State conference is prepared to defy Federal Labor policy so brazenly.


“We continue to see the tyranny of the minority influencing the national agenda.”


Mr Wallace said the Mayor of Burwood, Councillor John Faker, in inner Sydney was right when he talked last week of a noisy minority “stamping its feet” on issues like gay marriage in the face of majority opinion.


Mr Wallace said the conference’s vote to allow stranger adoption to same-sex couples was another Greens’ policy championed by a small group of activists.


“How on earth can a government, which is bound to always act in the best interest of children, give a ward of the State over to two men or two women when that child has no choice?”


A vote to decriminalise abortion to birth, even when there was a healthy mother and a healthy baby, was another extreme Greens policy now adopted by Tasmanian Labor.


Mr Wallace said Labor was in danger of moving away from the concerns of mainstream Australia which were more in line with the results of last week’s Australia SCAN survey which showed middle Australia wants a return to “basic moral values like honesty and hard work and putting families first”.