Friday, March 2nd, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby is opposed to the Tasmanian Government’s proposal to amend adoption laws which sever the right of a child to have the opportunity to be raised by a mother and father.

ACL’s Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said that he had been informed in writing of the government’s proposal to amend the Adoption Act 1988 to allow those registered with a significant relationship under the Relationships Act 2003 to adopt a child.

“All things being equal, children have the right to both a mother and a father. We know that through tragedy or desertion this is not always possible but adoption is one area where we can uphold this important value for the benefit of children,” he said.

“There is no logical reason to suggest that changing the current Adoption Act 1988 is needed when the needs of children have not changed and when there are so few children adopted anyway.

“The government acknowledges this - statistics show only two children were surrendered for ‘unknown’ adoptions in 2009/10 and there were only six intercountry adoptions during the same period,” he said

“We know there are hundreds of married couples unable to have children who would love to adopt a child if they could,” he said.

Mr Brown said it was reasonable discrimination for the government to make sure adopted children were given to married parents wherever possible.

“Gender does matter to a child and where the state has to necessarily intervene on behalf of children it should ensure, wherever possible, they are given a mother and father,” he said.

Mr Brown said the ACL would be campaigning against this latest move, along with the government’s plan to pass legislation to legalise altruistic surrogacy for singles and same-sex couples.

“Through the ACL’s campaign “Kids’ rights Count” we’ll be encouraging our supporters to make contact with their MP and urge them not to support a bill which would trample a child’s right to have a mum and a dad.”