For release: August 3, 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby has endorsed the observation of the Mayor of Burwood that majority opinion is being trampled by a minority “stamping its feet” so loudly that they are becoming fearful of voicing their opinion on marriage.

Speaking in support of Reid MP John Murphy’s claim that there is no majority support for same sex marriage in his electorate, Councillor John Faker pointed to the fact that majority view on marriage is not being heard because of a calculated tactic of demonising anyone who speaks out against it.

“Any organisation or person that wants to protect the definition of marriage and the very important concepts of motherhood and fatherhood it represents for children, is automatically demonised by these people as being bigoted or homophobic,” said Mr Wallace.

“People should be free to put an alternate view without this type of defaming. Political leaders at every level must reject this language and what amounts to nothing less than terrorising of anyone with an alternate view.

“This debate has not begun to be had, because ordinary people are increasingly targeted by this public slander,” said Mr Wallace, “It must stop and political leaders must demand it does. Thank goodness that in Councillor John Faker there is a leader prepared to do so.”

Mr Wallace understood that Lidcombe branch of the ALP, which passed a motion in favour of gay marriage last night, had only seven members in attendance.