Media Release

For release: Friday, September 28, 2012

Last night’s failure in Tasmania of yet another same-sex marriage bill is further proof that the Greens and gay activists have failed to persuade Parliamentarians of the merits of redefining marriage.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace said State and Federal politicians should now be allowed to get on with the business of government instead of continually being distracted by the Greens’ tactic of legislation by fatigue.

“Despite three years of favourable media coverage, co-opting celebrities, three Federal Parliamentary inquiries and numerous bills, the activists have failed to persuade elected representatives of the merits of such a radical cultural change,” Mr Wallace said.

“Parliamentarians in Canberra and now Tasmania have carefully considered the consequences of redefining marriage over the past three years and are not persuaded.

“The Greens and the activists should respect their considered decision and now allow governments to govern.”