For Release: Sunday August 19, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby has renewed its call for a vote in the Federal Parliament to resolve the long-running same-sex marriage debate.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said the debate had dragged on for years through three Parliamentary inquiries and there were now three bills before the Parliament.

“I think everyone is tired of this debate. MPs know it doesn’t rate in their electorates.

“Last week Labor stared down the Greens on border protection. This week the Parliament should stare them down on protecting the Marriage Act, as both Labor and Coalition promised to do before the 2010 election.

“It is clear that the Greens and gay activists do not want to accept the likely outcome of the democratic process and are continuing to stall for time.”

With a relatively light legislative program, this week would be ideal to resolve this issue and move on, Mr Wallace said.