For release: Sunday, 5th May, 2013

Tasmanian voters remain unimpressed by the Greens-driven push to radically overhaul social institutions and values such as marriage and the protection of human life.

This is one of the clearest messages emerging from yesterday’s Upper House elections, according to Australian Christian Lobby State Director Mark Brown.

“In the lead up to the elections ACL informed churches in all three electorates regarding candidate responses to some key social questions posed to them in a questionnaire. To state the obvious – those advocating radical social reform such as abortion-to-birth and redefining marriage were not elected,” Mr Brown said.

“The failure of the high-profile and expensive campaign by the left-leaning GetUp! organisation to unseat candidates who support preserving marriage should finally settle this issue.”

“It is clear, Tasmanians are tired of seeing parliament wasting precious time and money on issues like same-sex marriage and euthanasia which have already been thoroughly debated and rejected. With so many people struggling to pay the bills, stay employed, or get access to much needed health services, our current government appears completely out of touch when it comes to priorities.

“The social issues constantly been pushed by this government have only served to divide the community at a time when we need to be pulling together. Our government should be doing all it can to galvanise the community at this time not polarise it.

“The upper house schedule for the remainder of the year is clogged with such divisive social legislation - much like the MLC’s email inboxes. The Tasmanian public deserve better and expect more from their leaders and hopefully this weekend’s results will make this point crystal clear,” Mr Brown said