The Australian Christian Lobby today called for all parties to stop playing politics with the refugee issue and to co-operate on a solution that addresses both the real needs of refugees and our necessary border protection.

“We have people in urgent need of refuge and other people who will try and take advantage of any system we institute to make money, and any solution must address both realities,” said Mr Wallace.

“Unfortunately we have both major parties playing politics with this trying to marginalise the others’ solutions and the Greens throwing up anything that will profit politically from the predicament of both. Australian voters and more importantly those in real need and danger deserve better,” he said.

“No solution to this problem is going to be perfect, but if we know a minimum of eight boats may have vanished in the last two years making money for people smugglers, clearly we must break this criminal model,” said Mr Wallace.

“At the same time refugee camps are full of people in real need, and with 750,000 likely to die in camps holding Somalian refugees in just the next few months, surely there are urgent needs to be addressed.

“Both parties’ solutions could be made to work, and are probably part of the solution. We need to concentrate more on an overlay of the necessary measures and strong oversight to ensure both compassion and justice in their implementation,” said Mr Wallace.

“Australians must reject the politics being played here and demand better of all parties.

“I am particularly annoyed when I am in receipt of a number of pleas for help from people living under threat of their lives as minorities having escaped trouble spots, and see both politics and criminality impeding our ability to address these real needs,” said Mr Wallace.