Thursday, 2nd August, 2012

Senator Penny Wong’s defence of same-sex parenting in the latest issue of the South Australian magazine SALife completely misrepresents the arguments against same-sex marriage, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

“No one has ever doubted that a gay parent would love their child or suggested that the marriages of infertile couples are somehow inferior as Senator Wong claims,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said, “It is very manipulative to even suggest this.”

“Stating the obvious that marriage symbolises and protects the biological identity of a child and its natural bond with biological parents is not a reflection on infertile couples’ marriage.

“The concern about same-sex marriage is that it normalises and entrenches the idea that it is ok to deliberately deny children their biological mother or father – something we must never to do unnecessarily after the tragedy of the Stolen Generation.

“This sometimes happens because of tragedy or desertion, or to address natural infertility, but is an affront to the right of a child to deliberately deny it its biological identity and the love of his or her biological parent lightly.

“Government’s have a responsibility to uphold this ideal in public policy, not to respond to the exceptions in relationships that will never disprove biological truth.

“Retaining the current definition of marriage is crucial to ensuring this value remains in our culture,” Mr Wallace said.