Doctors and other children’s advocates will be disappointed in Health Minister Hunt’s refusal to support calls for a full inquiry into the spike in referrals of children for transgender therapies and surgeries, the Australian Christian Lobby maintained today.

Children need their innocence protected. Irreversible changes to their bodies create a serious risk of future regret and mental health issues.

“The ACL expressed strong concern last month about the advice the Minister received on this issue,” ACL spokesman Dan Flynn said today, “Doctors should not be forced to affirm a child’s stated new gender. Children wanting to change gender is a recent phenomenon, rising from three children from 2003-7, to over 1,000 by the end of 2018. This harmful trend is largely a social contagion arising from LGBTI promotion of gender confusion in schools and initiatives like ‘Drag Queen Story Time’.”

“The ACL maintains its call for a full parliamentary inquiry into the causes and treatment of gender dysphoria in children. If the Minister won’t investigate this serious trend, parliament should.” Mr Flynn said.