Every Liberal who voted against faith-based schools and failed to support the Religious Discrimination Bill appears to have lost their seat, except one, which hangs in the balance.

The rebel-held seats which are likely to have been lost by the Liberals are Wentworth, North Sydney, Reid and Higgins.

Independent polling in North Sydney, Wentworth and Reid showed that awareness of these issues among voters, two days before the election, was very high. This follows a major campaign by ACL in these seats which included flyers, door-knocking, phone canvassing, billboards, digital marketing and newspaper ads.

In Wentworth, 69.8% of voters knew of Dave Sharma’s voting record on religious freedom and faith-based schools, compared with 64.8% in North Sydney (Trent Zimmerman) and 63.3% in Reid (Fiona Martin).

On average, 34.6% of voters said they knew about ACL’s campaign in these three seats, and over 28% of them said that the materials impacted their voting intention. The impact on voting intention was highest in Reid in Western Sydney, where ACL volunteers conducted extensive door-knocking.

“The Australian Labor Party responded to the campaign by making promises to protect Christian schooling and enact religious discrimination laws. Faith communities have held the Morrison Government to account for its failures on these policies, and stand ready to do the same to Labor,” said Wendy Francis, ACL’s National Director of Politics.