As the Australian Christian Lobby stands by the national cabinet’s reasonable and necessary steps to contain COVID-19, the rushed passage of measures in the South Australian parliament demonstrates the perils of hasty law-making.

“The ACL has highlighted time and again the fatal risks if governments allow the unsupervised taking of mail-order abortion drugs, during the COVID-19 crisis,” ACL SA director Christopher Brohier said this afternoon, “The package of measures rushing through State Parliament this afternoon potentially enable the Chief Public Health Officer to use unprecedented new powers to allow this dangerous practice.”

Pro-abortion MLCs Tammy Franks (Greens) and Irene Pnevmatikos (ALP) late last week advocated loosening regulation of abortions under COVID-19 Emergency Provisions.

“The Health Minister must make it clear, as these laws are rushed through, that the Chief Public Health Officer will not use today’s new powers to put women’s safety in danger via unsupervised, DIY abortion,” Mr Brohier concluded, “Women will be coerced, unprotected and potentially suffer fatal side-effects if these new powers are misused.”