The Australian Christian Lobby today said that Tasmanian law-makers should promote hope and confidence in this great state.  However, Upper House member Mike Gaffney’s assisted suicide Bill is founded on, and promotes, hopelessness and fear.

“This hopeless Bill would enable those who do not have a terminal illness, to end their own lives, if they subjectively feel they are ‘suffering intolerably’,” ACL Tasmanian director Christopher Brohier said, “Yet that loose definition goes beyond actual suffering, to anticipated suffering from their condition or even treatment.”

“When Tasmania could be boldly offering hope and comfort by strengthening palliative care, Mr Gaffney’s hopeless assisted suicide proposal builds on people’s fear of the future, promoting a sense of despair instead of purpose and endurance.

“Worse still, this Bill also targets vulnerable young Tasmanians from the age of 18.

The ACL calls on the Tasmanian Upper House to reject this Bill when it is tabled, and take the hopeful and better path of promoting effective palliative care, comfort and confidence for Tasmanians considering end-of-life issues.