The Australian Christian Lobby has labelled criticism of the Busselton Tennis Club as LGBTIQ+ bigotry after the Club was attacked for inviting Margaret Court to open their new facility in November.

ACL WA State Director Peter Abetz said LGBTIQ+ activists need to realise that not everyone shares their view of the world.

“A bigot is defined as someone who won’t tolerate anyone having a different view to their own,” Mr Abetz noted, “Margaret Court makes no demands for others to agree with her.  Nor does she vilify people who disagree with her.”

“Those vilifying Margaret Court for holding a different view to theirs go beyond mere bigotry, attacking her for peddling ‘hate’ and being ‘divisive’ simply for her different opinion.” Mr Abetz explained.   

“When transgender activist Susan Aston publicly stated that she is “…not a big fan of that level of hate coming to Busselton…” Mr Abetz noted, “Those bringing hate to Busselton are the LGBTIQ+ activists.” 

“It is a shame that those who preach inclusiveness and diversity demonstrate the worst form of bigotry."

“Busselton Tennis Club president Barry House should be congratulated on his stance, declaring that ‘… the community should be able to accept views that were different to their own and focus on the sport.’"

 “Busselton Tennis Club have demonstrated genuine inclusiveness and tolerance, standing up to bigotry and set a fine example for their club members, the tennis family and broader community.”  Mr Abetz said.