The Australian Christian Lobby has condemned the use of federal government funding to show school children how to send nude selfies.

Resources for the ReachOut program funded by the Federal Department of Health include instructions on how to send ‘nudes’ to a fellow student, saying “Exchanging nudes can be a fun way to flirt or feel close to someone you trust” and “Check out our tips below and give them a try the next time a hottie slides into your DMs.

ACL’s spokesperson for women and children, Wendy Francis said: “I was horrified to discover this is the approach taken towards schoolchildren. It is against the law to share sexual images of minors, that’s the only advice school kids need to hear.”

“Surely this also makes it very difficult for teachers, blurring the line between sex education and encouraging inappropriate or illegal sexual behaviour,” Mrs Francis noted.

“State education department websites link to as a resource for students in Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania. In Queensland, the ‘Respectful Relationships’ resource linking to is compulsory in all public schools.”

“The ACL calls for this material be removed from the website, and that no publicly funded program link to their website until it is removed,” Mrs Francis said.