On this week’s Voice for Values, Lyle Shelton speaks with the Hon. Matthew Guy, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party in Victoria about Safe Schools.

The Hon. Matthew Guy:

  • “What has this Government come to in Victoria when they are actively telling four and five year old children to question their gender?”
  • “Given a choice, who is best to teach your children the values of respect and tolerance:  the state government or parents?”
  • “This whole view that children should be little adults, I don’t subscribe to that, just let kids be kids.”


Extract from Address to Liberal Party State Council
Sunday 2 April 2017
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

On Safe Schools and Gender in Education

“And as leader of a Liberal National Government, we will put our children’s future first - jobs, prosperity, and economic security.
But we will also let our kids be kids.

They don’t need a lesson in political or gender ideology, kids need to be taught about respect, manners and social interaction; and predominately, this comes from parents, not the state government.
Given a choice, who is best to teach your children the values of respect and tolerance, the state government or parents, the Liberal and National parties back parents 100 per cent of the time.

In Daniel Andrews’ Victoria, we now have education department officials scuttling around childcare centres trying to identify if four year old boys are rampant sexists - four year old boys being bullied by Daniel Andrews’ ideological stormtroopers.

Can you believe this is happening, what’s wrong with these people? To bully 4-year-old kids; to claim that five year olds need sex education; to believe that every primary school kid needs to be taught to question their gender; as a father of three boys aged 4, 6 and 8, I think that this kind of behaviour towards children constitutes abuse. I wouldn’t accept this kind of ideological rubbish for my own boys and therefore I will never accept for another Victorian child.

A government I lead will engage meaningful anti bullying programs; ones that focus on stopping bullying – age, race, diversity, sexuality, gender – whatever it is, if it’s bullying we will tackle it, but we won’t expose every child to radical left wing gender theory along the way.

It’s a simple message: if you hate what Labor is doing to our kids through the Safe Schools program, then vote Liberal or National, because we will scrap it."