The focus of this year's National Day of Thanksgiving on Saturday the 25th of May is local government and chaplains. It's encouraged for Australians to thank local government - mayors, councillors, staff and workers. Consider the practical work that council workers do from waste disposal, recycling, parks and gardens. Take time to thank them this year for their work.

The second focus is to thank chaplains. They are found in many different organisations like hospitals, schools, industry, police, fire, ambulance, SES, sporting bodies, migrant support services. Consider ways you can show appreciation for their work.

While the national focus for the day of thanksgiving is local government and chaplains, don't forget to use the opportunity to thank individuals who have made a difference in your life and the life of your family and community.

Please take the time to connect with your churches and find out how you can facilitate a “thank-you network” in your Christian community.

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