For the freedoms of Australians to make statements of belief in their workplaces

Shopping centre stands – National Day of Action, 2 October 

Thank you for joining us!

We’ll be setting up shopping centre stands to advocate for religious freedom in WA and QldSat 10am – 2pm (local time). You’ll be joining other volunteers in selected electorates, distributing flyers and getting a very important message out into the local community. 

We’re concerned that certain Members of the Federal Government may want the Religious Discrimination Bill watered down, so that Australians’ rights to make statements of belief inside and outside the workplace are no longer protected.

Please choose your training session below.

We’ll provide a briefing on the campaign followed by training on shopping centre stands. If you’ve joined one of our previous shopping centre stands, please still join us for the briefing at the start.

Western Australians
Training times are Australian Western Standard Time (AWST).

Tue, 21 Sep – 6:30pm AWST »

Training times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Tue, 21 Sep – 7pm AEST »