For release: Thursday 12 February 2015

The ACL has welcomed statements contending for human flourishing by Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins MP in her inaugural speech to the Victorian Parliament today.

ACL Victorian Director Dan Flynn called on members of Parliament to support the initiatives she proposes to protect the unborn, the aged, those trafficked into prostitution and victims of domestic violence and gambling.

“Rachael is absolutely right in her stance on these issues, we support her vision to fight for these in the Victorian Parliament and believe these are issues that transcend party politics.

“ACL has long campaigned for human rights for the unborn, support for women with unsupported pregnancy and for a human rights approach to protecting women caught in prostitution, and we share Dr Carling-Jenkins’ stance on this issue, Mr Flynn said.

Dr Carling-Jenkins told Parliament:

“… We will look back appalled at the babies we killed, horrified at the very idea that we would enslave women in prostitution… Under my watch there will not be silence on the issues which matter.”

Dr Carling-Jenkins committed to advocating for an inquiry into the Nordic and Canadian model of prostitution regulation to reduce the incidence of sex trafficking into Victoria and to raise awareness about gender-selected abortions.

She also tackled the issues of pornography, palliative care and freedom of conscience:

“Pornography and the fast growing sex industry, is a scourge on our society which sells exploitation, breeds violence and disrupts quality of life.

“A truly free society enables people to have access to treatment and palliative care services before debating assisted suicide.

“A truly free society does not reduce medical professionals to the state apparatchik, but respects the integrity and conscience of medical and health care professionals.

“I believe in: freedom from exploitation, freedom to practice religion, or to choose not to practice, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom to act according to our beliefs and our conscience.”

Mr Flynn said: “ACL welcomes these statements and encourages all Victorians to rally behind the call for reform on these issues”.