A recent poll commissioned by the Australian Family Association to gauge ‘What Queenslanders Really Think About Abortion’, has shown that citizens of the sunshine state are far more conflicted on the issue of abortion than what the vocal abortion activists would have us believe.

Despite activist organisation GetUp! reportedly claiming that decriminalising abortion had 90% public support, this new poll of 400 Queenslanders aged eighteen years and over shows that 74% of Queensland voters are opposed to abortion past the first trimester.

The poll found that 29% of respondents did not support abortion at any stage of a pregnancy, and that nearly half of those surveyed (49%) said they did not support abortion for non-medical reasons. The vast majority of abortions carried out in Australia today are not for medical reasons, but for purely ‘psychosocial’ reasons.

Of the other important findings to arise from the survey, almost everybody (94%) believes that a woman should receive free independent counselling to enable a fully informed decision. Three quarters (77%) believed that abortion can harm the mental and physical health of a woman.

These new poll results will go some way to denting the campaign of vocal abortion activists to install Victorian-style open slather abortion in Queensland, where babies up until 24 weeks can be aborted for any reason, and then afterwards with the consent of two abortionists.

While ACL would not want to see a woman gaoled for aborting a child, retaining pregnancy termination as an offence in the Criminal Code sends a powerful message to the community that the unborn are worthy of society’s support and protection.

Queensland supporters if you haven’t already done so, please visit our ‘Alive and Kicking’ campaign to email your politicians and let them know you don’t support decriminalising abortion. Your voice is desperately needed to counter the claims of the abortion lobby.

To read more about ‘What Queenslanders Really Think About Abortion’, please visit the Australian Family Association website at www.family.org.au.