A new resource has been launched online featuring eminent Tasmanians sharing their professional opinions on the harms and risks to individuals and society associated with any removal of the legal prohibition on euthanasia and assisted suicide in Tasmania. The website is called REALDignityTas – Respectful Ethical And Legitimate end of life care.

The website was officially launched last week by the former Governor and Chief Justice of Tasmania, Honorable William Cox. The website has been established in response to expectations that legislation attempting to legalise euthanasia will be introduced into Parliament sometime in the term of this current Tasmanian government.

The 2009 Inquiry into euthanasia found that the majority of professionals with an interest in end of life care were opposed to such laws.

The REALDignityTas eminent persons group includes:

• Hon. William Cox AC - Former State Governor and Chief Justice;

• Dr Paul Dunne AM - Palliative Care Specialist;

• Dr Jeremy Prichard - Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Law at the University of Tasmania;

• Professor Ray Lowenthal AO –Clinical professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Tasmania, Consultant Haematologist/Oncologist and Member of the Menzies Research Institute;

• Dr Kristi Giselsson – Doctor of Philosophy and Honorary Research Associate at the University of Tasmania;

• Professor Michael Tate - former Federal Senator and now an Honorary Research Professor at the University of Tasmania; and

• Dr Nicholas Cooling, General Practitioner and Senior Lecturer in Medical Practice.

The website www.realdignitytas.com includes a series of short interviews each featuring one of the eminent persons group addressing the issue from their professional standpoint and highlighting the danger to Tasmanian society of such euthanasia laws.