A Queensland opinion poll conducted over the past weekend reflects deep concerns voters have with removing abortion safeguards as proposed by a new abortion bill before the Queensland Parliament.


The poll, conducted by independent research firm Galaxy Research for the Australian Family Association, and released today, shows widespread acceptance that abortion harms the mental and physical health of a woman.

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director Wendy Francis said 84 per cent of those polled believed abortion was harmful to women.

“Younger voters aged 18-34 years, in particular, have concerns with 90 per cent expressing concern with the physical and mental health of the woman, “Ms Francis said.

“Only 38 per cent of Queensland voters support abortion in cases where both mother and child are healthy.

“55 per cent believe abortion involves the taking of human life.”

Speaking at the launch of the poll, Ms Francis said, “Clearly this Galaxy Poll reinforces why the ACL has grave concerns for the abortion bill that Cairns MP Rob Pyne has tabled in the Queensland Parliament this week.

“Mr Pyne’s proposal to allow abortion until birth had shocked Queenslanders.

“Mr Pyne should instead consider the view of his own electorate where a survey running in the Cairns Post shows that 67 per cent oppose any changes to the abortion laws.

“We have a situation where in other States, such as in Victoria, parliamentarians are seeking to claw back human rights for the unborn by introducing safeguards for women and children. Yet in Queensland Mr Pyne would have us believe that abortion is manifestly a good thing for society.

“Mr Pyne is saying it is no longer 1889 and abortion should not be illegal.

“He’s right – it is no longer 1889, it is 2016 and we know better.  We now know that the child in the womb is human, feels pain, that abortion techniques such as dismemberment and poisoning of the unborn child are barbaric.

“We also know that many women and their families are hurting because of post-abortion grief.

“This bill is a betrayal of women. The Queensland Parliament will be failing Queensland women if the only option they can offer for an unsupported pregnancy is abortion.

“What the community and women are looking for are better options than abortion, which leads to terrible consequences for mother and child.

“Responding to a pre-election questionnaire, both Labor and the LNP stated they had no plans to change Queensland’s abortion laws.

“The people of Queensland expect parliamentarians to honour the commitments their parties make.

“The ACL does not believe a conscience vote is warranted given the strong commitments that were made by the parties at the election.

The full Galaxy Report will be released at the launch of the Abortion Rethink campaign by a coalition of pro-life leaders, including Ms Francis at a Media Conference held 12.30pm at the Parliamentary Annexe.

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