Nicolle Jachmann Australian Conservatives Candidate



Please tell us a little about yourself – your upbringing, family, interests etc.

I was raised on a fruit growing property in the Riverland, and am now married to a local 4th generation dryland cereal cropping and prime lamb production farmer.  We have properties in both the Riverland and on Kangaroo Island.

I was a Bank Manager, then studied to become and work as a Certified Practising Accountant, I then spent time working in Regional Economic Development, heading up the Riverland end of Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland, working with business, industry and all 3 tiers of government.  I am currently the CEO of a 60 bed aged care facility, with 25 independent living options, employing over 100 staff.

I am also a mum with 3 children now aged 21, 18 and 16.

I enjoy spending time on the beautiful Murray River with my family.


What are the top two priorities that you want to achieve for your electorate?

I am concerned about the future, the future for our children and their children.  Society and the parliament seems to be straying from the values that have built this state.  I am concerned about the things that are underhandedly being pushed through the parliament in legislation. I believe Australian Conservatives values, principals and common sense based approach to policy and legislation is vital to repairing the shredded morals and values that we are currently seeing in society. If all politicians put proposed legislation through this lens, I do not believe society would be facing some of the issues it faces today.  If elected, will be supporting legislation and policies that align with values, principals and common sense to find a better way for South Australia.

As an Upper House Candidate, we should be representative of the whole of South Australia, not just an electorate. I believe Rural and regional South Australia is currently very underrepresented in the Upper House, with Australian Conservatives Robert Brokenshire currently the only Rural Farming MP in the Legislative Council. For the upcoming state election, the major parties have also failed to put rural candidates in likely winnable positions on their tickets.  Regional SA punches well above its weight economically and is a significant contributor to this states economy, the city also benefit from the country doing well. Rural SA plays a key role in getting this state back on track economically. If given the opportunity I want to work for the whole of South Australia, and see flourishing regions, that contribute to economic improvement across the whole of South Australia, not just be a city centric state.


Do you agree with state funding of the SHINE SA Safe Schools program which (along with the DECD mandatory:

  1. Supporting same sex attracted, Intersex and Gender Diverse Students Policy November 2016: and
  2. Transgender and Intersex Students Support Procedure November 2016;

now apply contested and scientifically unsound gender theory into all SA state schools without the need for parental consent?

Existing Australian Conservatives MP’s were some of the first political voices that raised concerns about the safe schools program. I do not support Shine SA providing the safe schools program in our schools, and even worse, we as taxpayers are footing the bill.

I certainly believe that parents should be aware of what their children are being taught, and that when it comes to social engineering, parental consent should be obtained. Curriculum should be readily available so parents can make an informed choice as to whether or not they want this taught to their child. The rights of parents to parent, should not be taken away by the government.

We actually need to be educating our children, on Science, Maths English in School Curriculum, not focussing on social engineering, where the current Government tries to bring in a new act that is going to teach Gender Fluidity and take away parents’ rights.  It’s up to parents to teach their children about such things if they desire.  It’s up to Government to ensure the best curriculum education, not social engineering education.

I support strategic anti –bullying programs that target anti-social and unacceptable behaviour, but do not believe that this is what the current Safe Schools program is all about.  If elected I will join existing Australian Conservatives MP’s to continue to campaign for the safe schools program to be abolished.


If elected will you support an independent inquiry into the implementation of the SHINE SA Safe Schools program and the mandating of the Supporting same sex attracted, Intersex and Gender Diverse Students Policy November 2016: and the Transgender and Intersex Students Support Procedure November 2016?

Yes I would support an independent enquiry into these matter.


The SA parliament has unsuccessfully attempted to reform prostitution law in SA for many years. It is clear that prostitution degrades women by objectifying them as commodities for men’s sexual gratification. Internationally, policies discouraging demand for sexual services are proving to be the most effective way of limiting both the size of and the harms resulting from prostitution. The progressive “Nordic model” criminalises the buyer of sex, not the provider, and provides viable pathways for those wishing to exit prostitution.

Would you support a Nordic Model Bill in the next parliament to help vulnerable women in SA?

Yes I support the Nordic Model, existing Australian Conservatives MP’s have been actively campaigning for the introduction of the Nordic Model in South Australia, and believe it provides a better solution than decriminalisation.

I am strongly against the decriminalisation of Prostitution.  I believe most families do not want a brothel next to their home.  They do not want Sex workers at Careers expo’s trying to convince their teenage student that this is what they should be doing as a part time job to earn money while they are studying, because that’s what could happen if it was decriminalised.  


Euthanasia has been rejected by SA parliaments on 15 occasions. Would you oppose or support any future attempts to legalise euthanasia in SA?

I would not support Euthanasia. I believe that once government endorses the taking of an individual life - under any circumstances - it heads down a dangerous path. I believe best practice health care can look at a patient’s circumstances and provide the best support and comfort possible through palliative care.

Euthanasia laws send a message to people that they are expendable, it puts pressure on the elderly and sick who may feel like a burden to those caring for them. It opens up a way for people whose motives may not be pure to make end of life decisions on behalf of a relative who may not be able to speak for themselves.

Australian Conservatives  have also looked into this issue globally and do not want to go down the same path as countries that have embraced Euthanasia, as once they have gone down this road, the line to demarcate who should be protected and who should be allowed to die continually moves. In places like the Netherlands, for example, children can request euthanasia under certain circumstances. 

As Australians we would like to think that we would be different but did you know that the last bill regarding Euthanasia voted on in the South Australian parliament had very few safeguards and South Australians came very close to having a law that would allow a young person with depression to end their life and medical staff, whose role is to do no harm, would have been expected to assist them. Thankfully this bill was defeated.


According to Palliative Care SA about 6000 South Australians will die this year without adequate palliative care.

Would you support:

A. Increased funding for palliative care in this State?

Yes Absolutely, I currently work in the Aged Care Industry and I know that we need to do more when it comes to Nursing Care and Palliative Care, that’s why Australian Conservatives are committed to $24.4 million a year extra money to provide palliative care for country as well as city, I want to see equity and access to palliative care for all South Australians no matter where they live.

B. An inquiry into improving end of life treatment for South Australians and in particular into how palliative care may be improved?

Our policy is also for a properly funded collaboration between the palliative care industry, medical specialist and the SAHMRI in order to deliver a system of best practice palliative care initiatives that would make South Australia world experts and leaders in the field.


Drugs continue to wreak havoc in our community. Some are suggesting the decriminalisation of small volume use and possession of illicit drugs.

Would you support or oppose legislation to enable this? 

Crime statistics, medical rooms, hospitals, the community are all telling us that drugs are a significant issue in our society, a growing escalating issue.  I believe we should be taking a hard tough approach to dealing with this issue. Drugs are illegal the message should be loud and clear, I believe it is not okay and should not be tolerated.

I would definitely not support legislation to decriminalise even small amounts of any illicit drug for recreational use, as the use of any illicit drugs can lead to drug dependence.

We should be creating a culture that says ‘It’s not Okay” not just “make sure drugs have cleared your system before your drive” I think that message is totally wrong.  They are illegal!!  They seem to be missing that point in current taxpayer funded government advertising, I would definitely push to change that messaging.


Given that the advances in medical science mean that children are now capable of being born alive at 24 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy, would you support a review of section 82A(8) of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 which says that “evidence that a woman had at any material time been pregnant for a period of twenty-eight weeks or more shall be prima facie proof that she was at that time pregnant of a child capable of being born alive” with a view to bringing it into line with current medical science and so changing the period to 24 weeks?

I support Australian Conservatives right to live position and would support a review of section 82A (8) of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935.

Australian Conservatives MP’s have campaigned for ‘Jayden’s Law’ which would have allowed the parents of a still born child born between 16 and 19 weeks the right to obtain a birth certificate.  A birth certificate can currently only be obtained from 20 weeks gestation.  This act brought significant opposition with some raising concerns about the ramification on abortion.  I believe that current medical advances indicate it is time for a review.  


Do you support faith-based organisations’ current right to, if they so choose, restrict employment or enrolment to those who share their ethos, just like political parties do?

Yes I certainly do support the right to restrict employment or enrolment to those who share their values or ethos.   If an organisation is based around values or ethos I believe it is essential that they employ/enrol those with the same values, that’s what keeps an organisation what it is. 


Poker machines cause a great deal of social harm to vulnerable South Australians. Over $60 million is lost monthly on poker machines in South Australia, with a significant portion of this attributed losses suffered by women.

A. Do you support legislating for $1 bets? B. What other measures do you support to help at-risk South Australians and their families?

I support Australian Conservatives views that any focus on harm that occurs as a result of gambling should centre on all forms of gambling, including online gambling platforms which are rapidly growing.  Online gambling is insufficiently regulated, protected or restricted, with evidence now showing this form of gambling to be the most harmful.

We believe all measures to deal with the serious issue of problem gambling should be supported.


Prostitution degrades women by objectifying them as commodities for men’s sexual gratification. Internationally, policies discouraging demand for sexual services are proving to be the most effective way of limiting both the size of and the harms resulting from prostitution. The progressive “Nordic model” criminalises the buyer of sex, not the provider, and provides viable pathways for those wishing to exit prostitution.

Would you support an inquiry into the suitability of the Nordic approach to help vulnerable women in SA?

See question 5


How would you like to be remembered as a politician?

If successfully elected, I would like to be remembered as a politician that supported principled, values based and common sense policies and legislation that assisted in repairing the damage of our social fabric, and refocussing on families.  I also want to bring focus back to the long term economic sustainability of this state, not just short term election cycle gains, but really assisting and supporting South Australia to regain long term economic focus and prosperity, for the benefit of future generations.