Dr Philip Nitschke’s latest contribution to the euthanasia debate is proof that a very slippery slope exists that will put vulnerable people at risk, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said it was clear the bill to be tabled soon in the Victorian Parliament does not allow enough freedom to kill for many euthanasia activists.

“Vulnerable people’s lives will be put at risk by the ever-expanding demands of those seeking the State sanction of doctors killing their patients,” Mr Shelton said.

“Already mentally ill people are being euthanised in Belgium, a jurisdiction which celebrity euthanasia campaigner Andrew Denton says is working fine.”

Dr Nitschke has criticised the proposed Victorian framework, announced last week, as not going far enough.

“Internationally the slippery slope is there for all who wish to see it. Locally, the slope has not even been constructed and activists are preparing the grease.

“Debate about the slippery slope needs to be allowed to be discussed. Euthanasia activists should not be given a leave pass from discussing it and the consequences for the vulnerable,” Mr Shelton said.