ACL has renewed its calls for an urgent overhaul of film and literature classification laws following advice that the Rudd Government will not appeal the Classification Review Board’s decision to green light a film portraying the sexual abuse of minors.

ACL understands the Government has received legal advice that an appeal to the Federal Court against the Review Board’s decision to clear the film Salo for DVD release would be unlikely to succeed.

“We find it difficult to understand why this would be the case. The Government now needs to act urgently to restore the trust of Australians in our classification laws,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said in a media release issued today.

“The faceless men and women of the Classification Review Board have set a new low bar when it comes to the protection of children and it is up to the Government to act, now that encouragement has been given for the boundaries to be pushed further under the guise of ‘artistic merit’.” Please click here to read the media release.