Next month the Andrews Government is planning to introduce a bill to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide in Victoria.

People's lives will be put at risk if this bill is approved by parliament.

The Labor Government claimed during the election they had 'no plans' to introduce a bill like this.

Instead they have ignored their promise to voters like you, and are pushing assisted suicide with little public debate and input.

Allowing doctors to kill their patients is an ethical and legal minefield - it means changing our laws to oblige doctors to kill their patients.

Major medical institutions like St Vincent's Hospital and the Australian Medical Association have spoken out against these changes.

We cannot allow the Government to put vulnerable lives at risk. Even one accidental death by assisted suicide is an unacceptable and irreversible tragedy.

One brief email can make all the difference whether this life-taking legislation passes.

We need as many people as possible to contact their local lower and upper house MPs and ask them to vote NO to this dangerous legislation.

Please take a moment to consider the points below and email your local lower and upper house MPs


Reasons to reject the bill:

  • Medical professionals are healers not killers. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is opposed to euthanasia & assisted suicide.
  • Medical killing sends a dangerous message to people living with disabilities that some lives are not worth living and that suicide and euthanasia is an option that society supports and encourages.
  • So-called “safeguards” in medical killing legislation are never safe. Experience from The Netherlands, Belgium and Oregon show that safeguards to medical killing cannot be legislated. 
  • Once law, more and more people look to assisted suicide as the solution. In The Netherlands euthanasia laws initially had tight boundaries. Today people with disabilities, mental illness or who are “tired of living” and even newborns with spina bifida are being killed.
  • Vulnerable people are put at risk by medical killing Legitimising state approved killing by making it legal could put indirect pressure on such people. The risks to the many outweigh the purported individual rights of the few.
  • The reality of elder abuse in our community means that assisted suicide may be used by relatives as a means of gaining inheritance. There would be no foolproof way of ensuring people are not being coerced into ending their lives.

 When sending an email, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

  • Do not add a salutation like 'Dear MP', this is added automatically.
  • Include your name and contact details so your MP knows you live in their electorate
  • Please be concise and respectful in your correspondence