The Australian Christian Lobby will campaign for a radical reform of the prostitution industry in Australia.

It is impossible to understand prostitution other than as exploitation of vulnerable people for sex or profit. It is seen as causing great damage to prostituted persons and delivering no social benefit beyond the pleasure of those who buy sex.

It is mostly women and girls that are prostituted – many of whom have been weakened by poverty, drug addiction, sexual abuse, coercion, or slavery. The buyers of sex are overwhelmingly men. The sex industry in all its forms is therefore “both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality, continuing the idea that womens’ and girls’ bodies are for sale (1).

Latest Update - nordic approach in Australia

Prostitution is inherently harmful but there is a proven answer.

The ‘Nordic’ Model

We believe the model of reform created in Sweden (also known as the Sex Buyer Law) is a revolutionary approach that targets the demand driving the prostitution industry without criminalizing prostituted women by outlawing the purchase of sex but not the sale. This model decriminalises those who are prostituted and makes the buying of people for sex a criminal offence.

Legislation following the ‘Nordic Model’ needs to contain these certain essential elements:

  1. Buying sexual services becomes a criminal offence. The message that purchasing sexual services is socially unacceptable can be reinforced with public education campaigns
  2. Selling sexual services is decriminalised
  3. Funding and support is provided for exit strategies to assist prostituted person to leave this industry.

The usual way of managing prostitution accepts that the abuse of women is inevitable.

The Nordic model questions why any abuse at all is acceptable. (2)

The Nordic Model effectively reduces the demand that drives sex trafficking, therefore making Australia a safer place for all women and girls.

The success of this approach has resulted in other countries such as Canada, Norway, Iceland, South Korea and now France taking on the approach in an effort to reduce the number of women exploited in this way.

If Australia is successful in reducing prostitution it will also lower the number of women being trafficked into cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Please join with the Centre for Human Dignity as, together, we work to make Australia a safer place for vulnerable women and children.

1- EU Parliament. 
2- Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia. "Demand Change: Understanding the Nordic approach to prostitution." 2017, 16.

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