#NotAshamed Hashtag

Christians in Australia are rising up and taking a stand for truth, for religious freedom and for the gospel.
It's time to get Bolder Together!

Our #NotAshamed National Conference is fast approaching. We're gathering together at Sydney's International Convention Centre on October 19th with a huge show of strength and unity.

Can you help us promote the conference? Following Izzy and Maria's example, simply grab a mate and a smartphone and declare that you're #NotAshamed of your faith and of the truth.

Even better, write #NotAshamed on a sheet of paper and flash it up to the camera for all to see.

Then share your video with us 👉 in the comments of this post on our Facebook page 👈

Or email to communications@acl.org.au

And remember, our National Conference is all about being Bolder Together. It's a show of strength and unity among Aussie Christians at this crucial time for our nation. Register now and come as a group!

Register now for ‘Not Ashamed’