The Australian Christian Lobby has renewed calls for the removal of the controversial school program, Respectful Relationships, as the Victorian Government orders its review.

ACL Victorian director, Dan Flynn, said the review to ‘ensure funding is used efficiently and effectively’ provided an opportunity for the Victorian Government to investigate parental concerns with the mandatory program.

“If the Andrews Government is serious in ensuring that money is being well spent, it should scrap this expensive $22 million program that promotes explicit videos ,contested fluid gender theory and male privilege,” Mr Flynn said.

“Parents are rightly concerned that Respectful Relationships and the so-called Safe Schools program are becoming mandatory in all State High Schools without proper consultation or parental consent.

“When teachers are warning against Respectful Relationships and refusing to teach it, it is time for the Government to take notice and properly investigate the content of the program.

“It is clear that the integrity of the program, billed as tackling domestic violence, has been undermined.

“Exposing children to  sexually explicit videos in the classroom is not the way to develop a culture of respectful relationships,” Mr Flynn said.
These videos communicate a barrage of inappropriate sexualised content:

  • “Sex is not just intercourse. It’s anything you do to be sexual with another person….[one of the presenters sings:] ’I feel sexy on my pinky, I feel sexy on my chin, you don’t have to come in for the fun to begin’.”
  • Penis in vagina sex is not the only option to consider. “You don’t have to have an ‘inney’ and an ‘outey’. You can have two inneys or two outeys.” (There are visuals involving fingers to communicate this concept visually). 
  • “If you’re mixing penises with bums, vaginas or mouths, you should really use a ‘party hat’ (i.e. condom).”

“There are many parents and teachers that are concerned or have serious misgivings with the program but who are too frightened to speak publically, for fear of losing their jobs or being ostracised,” Mr Flynn said.

The ACL has established a petition, signed by more than 11,000 Victorians that calls on the Victorian Government to give parents the right to determine what their children are being taught.