The President of the NSW Baptist Union, Frank Willis has today endorsed concerns raised by 10 Catholic Bishops over the NSW Greens’ agenda.

Mr Willis encouraged Christians and people of goodwill to carefully read the statement released by the Catholic Bishops.

“The Greens are committed to far more than protecting the environment and elected Greens candidates will work within the legislature to achieve all of their policies,” Mr Willis said.

You can read the full story on Christian Today’s website.

Last week, 10 Catholic Bishops signed a statement expressing their deep concern for the Greens’ radical social agenda including their plans to legalise euthanasia and their position on Christian and independent schools.

ACL’s Katherine Spackman spoke to Peter Ingham, Catholic Bishop of Wollongong recently on 1WayFM’s Political Spot about the Greens’ radical social agenda.  You can listen to Katherine’s interview with Bishop Peter Ingham here.