For Release: 3rd February 2011

The NSW community’s hope the election might usher in a new era of public confidence in politics was in doubt today with the Opposition breaking a key election promise before the election has even occurred.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s NSW Director David Hutt said the Christian constituency was extremely disappointed that the Opposition had backed away from its commitment to scrap ethics classes which compete directly with Scripture in Schools.

“ACL has always said that if ethics classes are so important, they should be available to all students and that they should not compete with and undermine Scripture in Schools.

“We had welcomed the Opposition’s previous commitment to scrap the ethics classes should they win Government and we cannot understand why they have now retreated from this.

“There is now absolutely nothing separating the Coalition from NSW Labor and the Greens on this issue, although we hope if the Liberals win power they will at least amend the legislation to ensure a flawed ethics syllabus is not used to undermine Scripture.

“Many people were looking forward to having a choice between the major parties on this issue as they head to the ballot box.

“Across NSW many people have been hoping an election might usher in a new era of public confidence in State Government.  This backflip means politicians will have to work even harder to restore trust with the community.”