The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today urged NSW parliamentarians to reject a same-sex adoption bill set to be debated as early as tomorrow, saying that it goes against the best interests of the children who as a consequence will miss out on the love and role models of both a mother and a father.

ACL NSW Director David Hutt said it is astounding that with only nine sitting weeks before the March 2011 election and a myriad of problems to deal with, the NSW Parliament is focussing its attention on fulfilling the gay lobby’s demands even though they go against the rights of children.

“NSW is facing crises in the areas of road, rail, infrastructure, energy security and much more. We are not facing a gay adoption crisis. This bill is an indulgence on the Parliament’s time,” Mr Hutt said.

“Heterosexual couples who can provide a more complete family environment are already spending years on NSW waiting lists in the hope of adopting a child, with many missing out. Now, it appears that politicians are to consider a bill which would see children who are being adopted out – and may already be in difficult emotional circumstances – losing the benefit of having both a mum and a dad.

“It defies belief that, behind the smokescreen of the federal election campaign, we are seeing this kind of social engineering legislation pushed to the fore despite the very real concerns about what it will mean for children in the future.”

Most worrying is the deceptive line being run that this is really about addressing some entrenched inequality for children already with homosexual parents.

Mr Hutt said that a raft of changes to Federal and State laws in recent years have dealt with discrimination affecting children in same-sex families and this issue should not be considered a reason to introduce gay adoption.

“The bill put forward by Independent Member Clover Moore – and which the NSW Government is allowing to be debated – clearly allows for ‘stranger’ adoption, which could see babies and young children adopted out to two mums or two dads with whom they have no previous connection,” Mr Hutt said.

“The NSW Adoption Act 2000 itself says that no adult has the ‘right’ to adopt a child and that the best interests of the child must be paramount. This is not a gay rights issue. It is, as adoption always is, about the rights of the child.”

“We strongly urge all NSW parliamentarians to consider what is at stake and reject the same-sex adoption bill.”

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