The Australian Christian Lobby today has called on NSW Labor to clarify its election commitment to ban “gay conversion therapy”.

“The term ‘conversion therapy’ appears to have been coined by activists, and nobody seems to know what it means, so we’re asking Michael Daley to clarify who and what kind of practices this ban would apply to,” ACL NSW Director Kieren Jackson said.

“Nobody would support any kind of coercive or abusive practices, so it’s strange that this announcement appears to seek to address a problem which the NSW community is yet to even know exists.”

“Parents and spiritual leaders from a number of faith backgrounds would certainly be alarmed to suddenly to find that teaching God’s design for human sexuality to someone with same-sex attraction or gender confusion might be captured as a crime if NSW Labor win Saturday’s election.”

“I am surprised that Michael Daley would want to take the same path on this as Dan Andrews, I’m sure more moderate voices in the party would be concerned how this might look in a number of strong faith communities in Western Sydney.”

“There is real confusion about this ban, counsellors deserve to know if they should be worried about committing an offence if their client asks them to help resolve confusing feelings.”

“Parents deserve to know if they will be breaking the law when they engage in discussions that attempt to guide their child in a certain direction, I think these questions must be answered by NSW Labor.”

The move by NSW Labor comes after the December 2018 ALP National Conference where Federal Labor backed away from a proposal in its National Platform to criminalise 'LGBT conversion therapy'.

A petition organised by ACL which received almost 60,000 signatures against the move was presented to Labor at their conference.

A subsequent amendment to the Platform saw the party’s commitment to criminalise conversion therapy watered down.