Please, write to your MP today!

On May 17, 2018 Labor's Penny Sharpe MLC and Nationals' Trevor Kahn MLC introduced a bill into Parliament which makes any support for mothers to keep their babies within a 150m of an abortion illegal. 

  • Labor and the Greens are supporting this bill as a party.
  • The Nationals will be allowed a conscience vote.
  • The Liberal Party has yet to decide its position.

We have a small window of opportunity to contact Liberal and Nationals MPs and encourage them to put vulnerable women who need support first. Please scroll down and act today.

The proposed legislation criminalises the good work many volunteers do in supporting women considering an abortion, potentially putting them prison for providing information to women.

Mothers deserve all the support they can get, especially when they often face pregnancy alone. Putting people in prison for up to 6 months for a first offence and up to 12 months for a second offence or fining them up to $16,500 for offering compassionate support for women entering abortion clinics is not a step forward.

Women entering abortion facilities find themselves in a place of deep difficulty and need options.

The Sharpe/Kahn bill before the parliament criminalises the support that has helped hundreds of women bring their child into this world and at the same time makes no provision for independent counselling before procuring an abortion.

Contact your Liberal and Nationals MPs today and ask them to oppose this bill.

Some points to consider in your email:

  • The women approached for sidewalk support are offered genuine options that many women have never heard of or been offered before. They find themselves in a place of deep difficulty and need gentle hearts and real options.
  • Stories of women who felt rushed and pressured into having an abortion are becoming commonplace. It is important for these women to have genuine support.
  • Harassment and intimidating behaviour are never acceptable. Police already keep a close eye on the activities outside the abortion facilities and have sufficient powers to deal with violent or harassment.
  • Parliament should wait until the cases before the High Court are decided before debating any legislation in this area.
    (Here is the update on the current cases)
  • Offering a woman a leaflet which includes information about why to continue carrying her baby, or quietly and peacefully praying in public should never become illegal.
  • You may wish to remind your MP that this issue will affect who you vote for in the upcoming 2019 NSW election.
  • The name of the bill is the Public Health Amendment (Safe Access to Reproductive Health Clinics) Bill 2018.

Fill in you details below and you will be guided through the process of emailing your MP, the following is important:

  1. Do not add a salutation like 'Dear MP', this is added automatically.
  2. Please be concise and respectful in your correspondence.
  3. Be encouraging, this is an issue many people care deeply about and the priority is that we lovingly support women through these incredibly challenging circumstances.
  4. This message will be sent under your name to your Liberal and National MPs and MLCs in the NSW Parliament.